Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2020
Disclosure Evaluated Properties Abstract  



The acquired properties and current properties can be summarized as follows:


Cost   Canadian properties     US properties     Total  
As of December 31, 2018     2,443,747       10,350,538       12,794,285  
Asset retirement cost additions                  
Foreign currency translations     119,687             119,687  
As of December 31, 2019   $ 2,563,434     $ 10,350,538     $ 12,913,972  
Additions     678,765             678,765  
Dispositions           5,648,904 )     (6,255,103 )
Impairment of oil and gas properties             (396,922 )     (396,922 )
Asset retirement cost additions     906,146             1,512,256  
Foreign currency translation     166,459             166,459  
As of December 31, 2020     4,314,804       4,304,622       8,619,427  
Accumulated depletion                        
As of December 31, 2018     413,657       61,551       475,208  
Impairment of oil and gas properties                  
Depletion     1,004,832             1,004,832  
Foreign currency translations     40,487             40,487  
As of December 31, 2019     1,458,976       61,551       1,520,527  
Depletion     1,115,595             1,115,595  
Foreign currency translation     57,178             57,178  
As of December 31, 2020   $ 2,631,749     $ 61,551   $ 2,693,300  
Net book value as at December 31, 2020   $ 1,683,055     $ 4,243,071     $ 5,926,126  
Net book value as at December 31, 2019   $ 1,104,458     $ 10,288,987     $ 11,393,445  


U.S. Properties – Minerva-Rockdale Field (“NOACK”) Field


On November 1, 2018, the Company sold 83% leasehold net revenue interest and 100% working interest in the NOACK Field Assets, i.e., the Company’s leasehold in the Noack Farms, Minera Lease and all related leases and assets located in Milam County, Texas (the “NOACK Assets”) to Crossroads Petroleum LLC (“CP”) for $375,000. The terms of this agreement included $260,000 to be paid as a deposit with the balance of $115,000 to be paid by December 31, 2018. On April 15, 2019, the Company foreclosed on the property since CP did not satisfy all of the contractual payment requirements. On April 15, 2019, the remaining unpaid receivable balance was $120,000 which was written off as a loss on sale of property. Note that previous payments of $255,000 were forfeited to the Company and no reimbursement to CP was made.


On August 6, 2019, the Company entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement (“PSA”) for the sale of the same NOACK property with Flowtex Energy LLC. (“FT”). The purchaser agreed to pay $400,000 for the NOACK Assets including a $20,000 deposit that was received on August 15, 2019, and the remaining balance of $380,000 to be received by September 30, 2019. By December 31, 2020, FT had made cumulative payments of $375,000, resulting in a $25,000 account receivable to the Company at December 31, 2020 which is included in other current assets. The $400,000 was recorded as a gain on sale of properties. On July 6, 2021, the remaining $25,000 accounts receivable was settled via the following. The purchaser remitted a cash payment of $8,995, as well as paying (on the Company’s behalf) $16,005 of outstanding property tax invoices previously incurred by the Company.


U.S. Properties – Slick Unit Dutcher Sands (“SUDS”) Field


On July 24, 2018, the Company announced the signing of the Slick Unit Exploration and Development Agreement (the “Development Agreement”) with Boone Operating Inc. (“Boone”), a private Exploration & Production company, to explore and develop the Misener and Simpson Formations at the SUDS Field. The Development Agreement expired and was not renewed. The Company’s primary focus remains to develop the Dutcher Sands formation.


The SUDS Field is a 2604-acre lease located in Creek County, 36 miles Southwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The field was first discovered in 1918 by SOHIO Oil Company utilizing over 100 wells with the primary objective to produce from the Dutcher Sands at an average well depth of 3,100 ft.


U.S. properties – Twin Lakes San Andres Unit (“TLSAU”) Field


TLSAU is located 45 miles from Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico. The last independent reserve report prepared by MKM Engineering on December 31, 2020, reflects approximately 98,250 barrels of proven oil reserves remaining for the 100% working interest.



On July 27, 2020 the Company entered into a settlement agreement with their Trustee pursuant to which nine leases totaling approximately 3,800 acres of the 4,880 acre Twin Lakes San Andres Unit were forfeited as a part of the settlement agreement. Consequently, the Company no longer has the right to produce oil, gas, or other hydrocarbons and any other minerals from the mineral estate encumbered by the leases and owned by the Trustee. The company accounted for the forfeiture of the TLSAU properties, in accordance with Reg S-W.T.Rule 4-10(c)(6). Accordingly, an analysis of multi-period reserve reports was performed to determine the percentage of the cumulative US full cost pool’s reserves that were forfeited (56% or 943,820). Then that percentage was multiplied by the period end net property balance of $10,175,456. This resulted in a write down of $5,648,994 ($10,175,456 * 56%) of the US cost pool. Note that both TLSAU and SUDS make up the US full cost pool.


Canadian properties –


Luseland, Hearts Hill and Cuthbert fields


Effective on June 29, 2018, the Company acquired a 25% working interest in approximately 41,526 acres located in the Luseland, Hearts Hill, and Cuthbert fields, located in Southwest Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta, Canada (collectively, the “Canadian Properties” and the “Working Interest”). The Canadian Properties currently encompass 64 sections, with 240 oil and 12 natural gas wells currently producing on the properties. Additionally, there are several idle wells with potential for reactivation and 34 sections of undeveloped land (approximately 21,760 acres). The Canadian Properties and the Working Interest were acquired from Blue Sky (a related party). Blue Sky had previously acquired an 80% working interest in the Canadian Properties from Georox Resources Inc., who had acquired the Canadian Properties from Cona Resources Ltd. and Cona Resources Partnership prior to the acquisition by the Company.


The effective date of the acquisition was June 1, 2018. The acquisition of the Canadian Properties was evidenced and documented by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Company and Blue Sky dated June 29, 2018 and a Conveyance between the parties dated as of the same date, pursuant to which the Company agreed to acquire the Working Interest in consideration for $1,428,581 in Canadian dollars (“CAD”) (approximately $1,096,216 in U.S. dollars) of which CAD $1,022,400 (approximately $782,441 in U.S. dollars) was paid in cash (the “Cash Payment”) and CAD $406,181 (approximately $313,775 in U.S. dollars) was evidenced by a promissory note (the “Acquisition Note”). The Cash Payment was made with funds borrowed by the Company pursuant to the terms of that certain $1,530,000 May 9, 2018, Amended and Restated Loan Agreement entered into with Bow and a third party (the “Loan Agreement” and the “Lender”). The amount owed under the Loan Agreement accrues interest at the rate of 12% per annum (19% upon the occurrence of an event of default) and is due and payable on May 11, 2021.


The Working Interest will be held in the name of the Company’s wholly-owned Alberta, Canada, subsidiary, Petrolia Canada Corporation. The Acquisition Note which was dated June 8, 2018, bears interest at the rate of 9% per annum, beginning on August 1, 2018 and is due and payable on November 30, 2018, provided that the Company has the right to extend the maturity date for a period six months with 10 days’ notice to Blue Sky, in the event the Company pays 25% of the principal amount of the Acquisition Note at the time of extension.


On September 17, 2018, the Company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Blue Sky. Pursuant to the MOU, the Company obtained the rights to acquire an additional 3% working interest in the Canadian Properties, increasing our Working Interest to 28%. Total consideration paid from the Company to Blue Sky for the additional 3% Working Interest was $150,000.


On February 16, 2022, Petrolia Canada Corporation (PCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Petrolia Energy Corporation (PEC), entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) and Debt Settlement Agreement (DSA) with Prospera Energy, Inc. whereby PCC sold its 28% working interest in the Luseland, Hearts Hill and Cuthbert fields.



Utikuma field


On May 1, 2020, Petrolia Energy Corporation acquired a 50% working interest in approximately 28,000 acres located in the Utikuma Lake area in Alberta, Canada. The property is an oil-weighted asset currently producing approximately 500 bpd of light oil. The working interest was acquired from Blue Sky Resources Ltd. in an affiliated party transaction as Zel C. Khan, the Company’s former Chief Executive Officer, is related to the ownership of Blue Sky. Blue Sky acquired a 100% working interest in the Canadian Property from Vermilion Energy Inc. via Vermilion’s subsidiary Vermilion Resources. The effective date of the acquisition was May 1, 2020. The total purchase price of the property was $2,000,000 (CAD), with $1,000,000 of that total due initially. The additional $1,000,000 was contingent on the future price of WTI crude. At the time WTI price exceeded $50/bbl, the Company would pay an additional $750,000. In addition, at the time WTI price exceeded $57/bbl the Company would pay an additional $250,000 (for a cumulative contingent total of $1,000,000). Note that WTI crude prices did not exceed those price thresholds until 2021, so the contingent $1,000,000 will not be recorded until 2021. Included in the terms of the agreement, the Company also funded their portion of the Alberta Energy Regulator (“AER”) bond fund requirement ($599,851 USD), necessary for the wells to continue in production after the acquisition. Additional funds ($385,336 USD) remain in the other current asset balance for future payments to BSR, related to the acquisition.


On December 2, 2020 Petrolia Canada Corporation received $602,404.84 CAD from the proceeds of a secured royalty interest loan between Blue Sky Resources and PrairieSky Royalty related to the Utikuma asset.