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  • What is Petrolia Energy Corp.'s stock symbol?
  • Our stock is traded on the OTCQB under the symbol BBLS.

    Petrolia Energy formerly known as Rockdale Resourcers Corporation and was approved by FINRA to be recognized as Petrolia Energy Corp. effective Sept. 2, 2016.

  • How can I buy stock in Petrolia Energy Corp.?
  • Through a licensed stock broker or by using an online trading account.

  • Can I buy stock directly from Petrolia Energy Corp.?
  • No, You will need to contact a licensed stock broker or use an online trading account.

  • Where is Petrolia Energy Corporation located?
  • 710 N. Post Oak Road
    Suite 512
    Houston, TX 77024
    Phone: 832-941-0011
    Fax: 832-941-0022

  • When is Petrolia Energy Corp.'s fiscal year end?
  • December 31st

  • Who is Petrolia Energy Corp.'s transfer agent?
  • Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc.
    3200 Cherry Creek Drive South
    Suite 430
    Denver, CO, 80209

  • Who are Petrolia Energy Corp.'s independent auditors?

  • Who is Petrolia Energy Corp.'s outside legal counsel?
  • Cane•Clark LLP
    3273 E. Warm Springs Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89120
    Phone: 702-312-6255